New Double Tap Defense Dynamo

New Double Tap Defense Dynamo

A lone horseman rides through a beautiful Colorado valley and approaches the outskirts of a 19th century town.  Suddenly a scurrilous looking bandit pops up from behind a junk pile with a rifle and announces to the aging horseman that this a robbery.  He tells the horseman to drop his gun, a visibly holstered Great Western revolver in .45 Colt.

The horseman complies, and then the bandit tells the horseman to throw over his wallet.  The horseman slowly goes into his coat pocket and throws his wallet towards the bandit, and when the armed bandit bends down to retrieve the loot, the horseman produces a Remington .41 rim fire derringer and shoots the bandit in the abdomen.

Yes, folks this is the opening sequence to “The Shootist”, the last movie John “The Duke” Wayne made and it shows the value of a derringer to a well-armed citizen.  It’s not a primary arm, but as a last ditch survival weapon that can save your life, it works well.

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