Pismo Beach, CA

Cow-a-Bunga surf dudes and dudettes, the surf is up! There are 6 foot swells breaking right to left at Pismo Beach in sunny Southern California and we’re here.

In all of our travels this is our first Southern California beach and it’s pretty awesome. It’s a tourist town to the max with eating places, curio shops, and surf shops almost everywhere you look in the downtown area. It looked clean and nothing set off the danger radar in my head so we proceeded out to the beach. I noticed that it was not too crowded for the middle of June, and then I figured out why. The water was cold. All of the surfer dudes, and dudettes, were covered from head to toe in black wetsuits. I looked high and low and there was no wild bikini action to be seen anywhere.

There is a very nice pier that runs out over the water, (that I didn’t get any photos of by the way), but it looks like its relatively new and gives you a really great view. We did try to take a few pictures of the surfers, but there was nothing outstanding here. (Unlike at Morro Bay, look for that video coming up here real soon!) Unbeknownst to me the boss had already picked out a seafood place to eat right on the tourist strip. They serve two kinds of crab, which is her favorite food, so off we went.

Needless to say the prices in the place were astronomical and on top of that, it wasn’t any good. They took some “too hot sausage”, two half ears of corn, a few potatoes, two crab legs and some crab pieces, and threw it all into a stainless steel pot and boiled the hell out of it. To top that off they came out and threw the whole mess on the tabletop and said “please enjoy”! That’s what they are famous for and it didn’t impress us too much, we prefer plates. The boss said there was no flavor in anything but the sausage which was too hot to eat. She was very disappointed. I ate some of the sausage pieces and a couple of the boiled potatoes and called it a day. She was right the sausage was too spicy hot to eat, but I managed it somehow. The bill was almost a full C-Note and needless to say we were not happy. Oh well, you live and you learn.

Tourist places are not all that sometimes.

We went to another portion of the beach the next afternoon because the boss said she wanted to watch the sunset on the Pacific Ocean, but alas it was so cloudy we missed the sunset. Again, it was cold for June so we bundled up and just went for a walk on the beach. We watched a bunch of county lifeguard recruits going through some training drills in the water. Mostly dudes, but a few hearty females in the mix. I don’t swim that well, so I was happy to see them practicing to rescue old fat tourists when the crowds actually show up to the beach.

I grew up on the Beach Boys tunes and thus far I wasn’t impressed. Where are Frankie and Annette when you need them? Guess I’ll pack up the woodie wagon and my beach babe and chase the sunshine at the next beach.

Till next time,

Junior’s Boy

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