SIMPLE Childlike Faith vs Depression

Anytime you lose sight of LOVE – you begin to go astray…

Because to lose sight of God will automatically take you off course. Focusing on love is always the right course of action. Disconnected from the vine, you begin to wither.

When you get depressed you have taken your eyes off of the most important thing in life, which is – love. It’s not you, your problems, or your needs that are important. The only thing that really matters is love and you have gotten distracted and forgotten what you were taught as a child.

You’ve lost sight of the most important thing.

All the needs and problems in the world are only temporary things. Love is all that is permanent. It’s the only thing that lasts, therefore it’s all that really matters.

So simple and yet so easy to forget.

We get all tied up in the temporary and lose sight of what is really important until our depression reminds us. There used to be a sign hung on the refrigerator when you were young that said (Get yourself off of your mind and go help someone else.) Remember?

I put it there to remind us all of what happens when we get mired down in our focus on ourselves. Narcissism is the root of all unhappiness. You always have to look outside of yourself to find happiness in this world.

Lynn Dale

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