Some days are harder than others…

It’s true, I have witnessed it many times.

Yesterday was fine and now today is all of the sudden more than you can bear. I can’t explain why, but I do know that it’s true, it happens and you need to be kind to yourself when it happens to you. That’s the best way to cope with those days and if you aren’t kind to yourself you may (have or cause yourself to have) two of them back to back, and that really sucks!

I’ve often wondered if we stay in messes longer than necessary just because we are such stubborn people. It seems like surrender always makes things so much easier in life, but back to the point…

The good book says we are never given more than we can handle, but hard days – times do seem to call for greater kindness I think. The harder the day, the kinder we need to be to ourselves. I’m not promoting drinking to my children, but I am saying that we should do whatever we can to be as nice to ourselves as we would be to others. It’s the Golden Rule used backwards and it works wonders!

Kindness is something that we intentionally do for other people, why shouldn’t we do it for ourselves too? Isn’t that what wine is promoted for these days? Our society pretty much claims wine is a cure for hard days. Is that anything more than being kind to yourself at the end of a hard day?

Lynn Dale

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