Summertime Treats

What is a treat?

Any event or item that is out of the ordinary & gives GREAT pleasure!

Treats like people come in all shapes, sizes and packaging. There are many GOOD things to like, enjoy and share, but only the BEST of these choices are really treats. And many treats can be FREE because they are not always things… Sometimes they are people.

Our friends, family and pets are SPECIAL TREATS not only because they are not purchased, but also because they choose to hang around us. Sometimes just having someone hold your hand is a real treat if you are a widow, widower or single. Phone calls from special people are free treats too.

We all get to choose our treats based on what we feel is special to us. Have you considered giving yourself or someone you love a treat today? To give someone a treat is a tangible sign of your love for them, because it means you heard them say what they thought was special.

That’s a real treat too… Someone who listens to you.

See some GREAT ideas for Summertime Treats in this issue of the Good News… and please support our advertisers whenever you can – they keep the magazine coming to you FREE of charge!
"The Lord provides... we distribute."
“The Lord provides… we distribute.”


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