Sweet Tea & Common Sense: Hunger is Unacceptable!

Stop It… You’re Scaring the Old People!

The people in the photograph above are not really hungry, they are volunteers at H.I.S. Ministries, who agreed to help bring attention to local hunger. Had we just run the photo in an ad for the Ministry and left it at that, you would think they were hungry. Media, just like anything else can be used for good or evil. Are there people in Galveston county who are hungry? Of course there are, but not every one is. The point is to stir people up (provoke) people into doing something, helping with hunger, voting, etc. Media can take it too far though. We’ve seen plenty of proof over the years that things are sometimes slanted to appear worse or better than they actually are. Media has to be taken with a grain of salt, just like anything else. I don’t care if you’re telling the truth or not, it’s cruel when you deliberately scare people.

Both Democratic & Republican party advertisers, writers & pundits are using shameful scare tactics to try to make their point more horrific than their opponent’s points. The harm: causing the older generation to eat less, spend less and enjoy less of what few years they have left. Do you know how many people didn’t buy their normal groceries last month, because they were afraid their checks might not come? See just one example below. Dear Mr. President, I heard you say you will not guarantee SS checks if the debt ceiling isn’t raised. Why is it the scare always has to do with SS, Medicare, & our Soldiers pay? Why not stop your own pay or all of Congress to save much more money for our country? Why use the Seniors, Soldiers, & our Needy as examples? Take the money from those who take no risks and reap the benefits? Instead of threatening to withhold Social Security payments of people who really need the money….Lets hold the paycheck’s of all house & senate members, then see how fast it is resolved!!!!!

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