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Justice For All

In lieu of reviewing another great gun this month, which we thought would be in bad taste given the current climate… we decided to talk about JUSTICE here instead. The opinions below are our own and they are not meant to offend anyone, but as long as we still have the right to voice our opinions […]


An Adorned Old Warhorse

Some people like to change and customize things. Most of the time I don’t fall into this category, but on this one particular pistol, I jumped off the deep end too. I floundered around a little, but not too much because I couldn’t afford to drown, (in debt that is). I’m talking about taking a […]


Colt Anaconda (Snake Hunter)

“I hate snakes.” Snakes scare me. I don’t care what kind they are. I don’t care if they poisonous or not, good for rodent control, or even if they are kept as pets. Let’s be very clear on this point. I HATE SNAKES, all except one… The snakes that are produced by Colt Manufacturing Company are […]


The Way Things Were Back Then…

(Hard to believe you could go out and imitate Dirty Harry without ever having been professionally trained at all.)


Raccoon Hunting With a Cannon

Known to action moviegoers as the “most powerful handgun in the world” that would take your head right off your shoulders, the Smith and Wesson .44 caliber magnum revolver is indeed a powerful handgun. I’ve only owned one in my career, but when I carried it I felt as though I was the mightiest warrior […]


Para USA Elite Carry

I am without reservation a 1911 aficionado and I’ll admit it.  My very first handgun was an old chrome plated Colt Government model 1911 that was as shiny as a new car bumper complete with 14 karat gold accents.  It came to me in a plastic bag completely disassembled.  The days of chrome plating and […]


BOND ARMS – Made in Texas by Texans

The derringers of Bond Arms are light years ahead in design, construction, power, safety, and reliability from the original derringers of the 19th century. Greg Bond the designer of the Bond Arms derringer wanted a gun design that was robust, user friendly, and would be a quality firearm. He also wanted his derringers not to […]


Rimfire Ruger 22/45 Lite

I was down at the gun shop the other day when I spied a new addition in the display counter. It was the new Ruger 22/45 Lite and I was immediately drawn to it. I’d guess the styling of the pistol is what first attracted my attention, and when I hefted it I could see […]


New Double Tap Defense Dynamo

New Double Tap Defense Dynamo A lone horseman rides through a beautiful Colorado valley and approaches the outskirts of a 19th century town.  Suddenly a scurrilous looking bandit pops up from behind a junk pile with a rifle and announces to the aging horseman that this a robbery.  He tells the horseman to drop his […]


Her Duty Gun


Smith and Wesson 6906  I was off and the kids were at grandma’s for a few days and I finally had a day to myself because the Boss was at work.  She had firearms qualifications that day and  I knew about it because she had me detail strip her Colt Commander and clean it till […]


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