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A Whole World of GOODNESS Still Exists

GOODNESS is all around us, we just have to focus in on it. We aim to help you do that with this issue and hope that you will share it with anyone you know that needs a FREE shot of hope this month.


Life’s Big Adventure!

My daughter has always wanted me to write about my life. She even went so far as to buy me a Hallmark legacy book to fill out. I donated it. There was nothing good I could think of to put in it and I’m not interested in writing down all the bad like some do […]


Living on a Prayer

We invite you to look over our shoulders and have a front row seat to see this adventure as it unfolds… The “View From Here” is meant to be a saga about how “life on the road” really is. It’s basically a written reality show with some awesome photos, starring two very unlikely campers. Unlikely, mainly because […]


Our Purpose

We’re here to encourage & inspire you to fight the good fight!