Granny Knows…TAMALES

Just one pork butt, a bag of masa and some corn husks and you can make the best tamales you’ve ever eaten. It’s really not that hard, it’s just a little intimidating the 1st time. There are recipes & directions on the ingredients and there are even videos on the internet. The easiest way to cook the pork is in a crock pot overnight with a lot of water, unlike regular crockpot recipes. Then chill it to separate the fat from all the seasoned broth. Save the fat and use it. It is seasoned lard, which is better. Just add it to your lard measurement. Definitely whip your lard, it makes your dough a better consistency. Pictured both normal tamales and our Texas size ones. We make batches of both and just alter the cooking times. If your masa and meat mixture has good flavor, your tamales will have good flavor. I’ve even heard about people putting cilantro and crawfish in them. My Tips (learned the hard way): Don’t skimp on the ancho chiles or the lard, you’ll be disappointed. If it smells right, it tastes right. And don’t overcook your spices if you are not using a crockpot. You want your meat tender, but if you cook your spices too long, they start tasting bitter.

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