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Taurus Judge .410 / .45 LC

A Fist Full of Power

“Courts in session and here comes da Judge”.  Words to an old rock and roll song by Pigmeat Markham, released in 1968, but for our purpose we’re talking about the Taurus Judge revolver.  It’s a .45 Colt cartridge / .410 gauge five shot, double action or single action revolver first released to the public in 2006.  “The Judge” name comes from the executive vice president of Taurus International, Bob Morrison.  This name was chosen when Mr.  Morrison learned that criminal court judges in the crime ridden area of Miami Florida were buying revolvers for self-protection.  It was advertised for use in home protection and carjackings that were popular activities of Miami’s criminal element.  Judges also used it for self-protection in their courtrooms.  Taurus International reported that “The Judge” is their top selling firearm.

The Judge is a derivative of the Taurus Tracker model revolver, and it comes in 3, 4, and 6.5 inch barrel lengths and in 2.5 and 3 inch cylinder lengths.  It comes in a stainless steel version (29 ounces) as well as in a blue finish.  There are several “Judge” models including an ultra-lite series (22 ounces) and all the way up to a (3″ cylinder) magnum “Judge”.  Crimson Trace laser grips are available for the standard models of this revolver.  These two models in the photograph are outfitted with the Taurus patented “Ribber” grip made from rubber.  I’ve shot many firearms, but never any with of these type stocks (grips).  They are a soft rubber compound that kind of molds to your hand like a memory foam mattress molds to your body when you lay down on it. Taurus Judge

I was at Shooters Corner in Texas City when I noticed these two in the display case.  I know that the “Judge” has been in showrooms for years and when they first came out they sold like hotcakes at a Sunday social.  People bought them to put in the nightstand to protect themselves against two and four legged varmints that go bump in the night. I know of one police officer who lives in rural Texas that has a rattle snake infestation around his place. He told me that the last snake he killed was shot with his .40 caliber duty weapon, but he thinks a Taurus “Judge” loaded with snake shot would make a great snake killer for those fast snap shots needed to kill a slithering snake.    It’s relatively heavy for a self-defense firearm, and rightfully so based on the caliber/gauge it’s designed to fire.  Most judges will probably never be fired at but the feeling of power and protection these guns give their owners cannot be measured in dollars.45 LC ammo                                                     Winchester .45 Colt Ammo

The .45 Colt round is what I call a “thumper”.  It’s a bullet designed to end an aggressive conflict with one well-placed shot, thus “thumping” the aggressor.  Think about it. Most of the old west gunfighters carried .45 Colt, single action army (SAA) revolvers because it fired a large powerful bullet and if you hit your opponent in the vitals, the fight was over.  The .45 Colt round was powerful enough to bring down an uncontrollable cayuse (wild horse) about to jump over a cliff with you aboard for the ride, or an angry mamma cow trying to gore you for roping and branding her new calf.  Most cowboys were not gunfighters, they considered their sidearm a safety item.  After all, the most common reason for the death of a cowboy in the 19th century was being thrown from a horse..410 Winchester Ammo

                                               Winchester .410 defensive ammo

I handled both of these “Judges” and their fit and finish looked very good for a production revolver just under the $500.00 price range.  The double action trigger pull was about eight pounds, but smooth enough to allow a clean sight picture while aiming.  The front sight is fiber optic type, bright orange colored and can be readily picked up in daylight through the fixed rear sight to allow for accurate shooting at a distance.

Taurus Fiber Optic Front Sight

                                          Taurus Judge Fiber Optic Front Sight

 I would imagine that this revolver would be useful for the snap shooting style needed to dispatch varmints and dangerous snakes. There is no provision for attaching a white light to this revolver, but a small flashlight in a proper hold would help identify your intended target at night before you unleashed a hailstorm of lead in their direction.Judge Ribber Grips                                                    Taurus patented “Ribber” grip

Well that about all of the space I have for this review.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and if you are looking for a snake charmer, or varmint eradicator in a small package you might consider buying a Taurus “Judge”.  It’s a handheld power house for a reasonable price, in my opinion.

Till next time shoot often, shoot safely, and above all make sure you shoot legally.  Also be sure to join and support the NRA to protect your gun rights.

Juniors Boy

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