TEXAS Rising

Rating A++

Audience: Mature Audiences Only

Genre: Historical Drama

Now Showing: On Amazon Prime

Texas Rising is a rip roaring historical drama that details life in 1836 Texas, from the fall of The Alamo to the election of Sam Houston as president of the Republic of Texas.

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The late Bill Paxton puts forth a great strong portrayal of General Sam Houston. The movie covers the high society marriage that he walked away from in his native state of Tennessee, the hero he became at San Jacinto and his presidency of the Republic of Texas. One unusual thing in this film is his relationship with actress Cynthia Addai-Robinson who portrays (Emily West, aka The Yellow Rose) a beautiful mulatto prostitute woman who shared both the bed of Sam Houston and General Santa Anna with equal aplomb. I know the story of the Yellow Rose, but I always thought she was a Hispanic woman. I guess it doesn’t matter, Emily West served the fledgling republic well as a spy and achieved her long delayed retribution for the murder of her brother at The Alamo.

There are some very graphic scenes that depict death, decomposition, and mutilation, so mature viewers are recommended.

The series is ten hours long and I was glued to my new iPhone X for the duration of it. This show really depicts the hardships of the early pioneers dealing with savage Indians and lawless white men in a way that is truly believable.

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