Texas State Railroad… it’s a GOOD thing!

Talk about a trip that is really worth your money, we found it!

The Pineywoods Excursion is one heck of a train ride.

You get 3 full hours of a train ride and the opportunity to bring a picnic lunch and eat it at a real train depot.

WATCH THIS… Pineywoods Video

That’s the historic early 1900’s steam engine that hooks up to about 6 cars and takes you off on a grand adventure through the woods from Rusk to Palestine Texas. All of the train rides offer various levels of comfort at various prices, but the open air we took was absolutely great. If the weather is agreeable (and it was for us), the open air car is fabulous! 

The wind in your face, the train whistle blowing at every crossing and the beautiful countryside made for a great look back in time and a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. (Beware of one thing though… many children cry in the beginning.) I couldn’t imagine being cooped up with them inside the train, but the train is loud enough to make it bearable outside and after a bit – they all love it!

Everyone from newborn children to great grandparents ride these trains.

Many want to take pictures, some want to ride a train like they did when they were young and others want their grandkids to have the experience they had as children. Truly a GOOD time is had by all who make the trip. These trips run from March through the first week in November every year. And although the Pineywoods Excursions are over again for this year, the Polar Express is just starting up. You can see what tickets are available by CLICKING HERE.

Take a look at this cute video for it…


The Polar Express runs from November 18th to December 23rd.

Prices range from $20-$109.

Book tickets online at the link above or by phone at 877-726-7245.

Editor’s note: This is a tourist trap.

It’s crowded, the line to the restroom is long and many people move slowly. It is not for those who don’t have patience with children, people with disabilities or mature adults. These trains are still running today because of the income made from selling a lot of tickets, gift shop items, etc.

It is what it is and we were very grateful to be able to have this experience, but it’s not for everyone. They have to keep the lights on somehow…

If you have anyone in your family that loves trains – this would be a great gift idea!

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