The Good News is…

You Have a Purpose!

I have your answers and you do have a purpose, but it’s not what you think. Your world is stop or go. You must run or sit. Be black or white. My world is simple yes, black and white, no, absolutely not. I made the whole range of colors on the wheel. What are you going to do with that? Let it confuse you?

There are lighter shades of pale. Stop and start. I have created a whole world of absolutes. Each has it’s place. Up, down, sideways and even hell. They all have a job to do. To be there, right where I put them, as do you.

The world and you are accomplishment driven. Even when having fun, you think that’s the JOB at hand. Poets just are who they are. Do they get things done? Sure they do. But their primary job is to just be and use the gift I’ve given them.


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