The Instant Pot Good News Product Review

Mac & Cheese in one pot!

Not every NEW thing that comes along is an improvement on what we had before… but this is a crazy GOOD thing!

We feel this product really lives up to all the hype. If you never make yogurt, bake bread or pop your popcorn in it, it’s still worth the money in our opinion. It is a time and effort saver for sure and the 6 quart is the perfect size for 2 people. (Going this big here means you cook fewer times every single week!) Here are just 3 great things we like so far…

  • 1. You can boil your eggs, pasta, potatoes, rice or whatever your family eats a whole lot of, all at one time if your family is small. Example: You can brown enough hamburger for several meals, scoop out most of it and make dinner with the rest.
  • 2. You can make any meal in it, put the silicone lid on it, (ordered separately) refrigerate it and begin it again later as something else or just warm up the leftovers.
  • 3. Unlike the Crockpot – you can speed up your dinner in an Instant Pot anytime if you need to just by cancelling the slow cooking function and switching to whatever you need.
Instant Pot

Click this link to learn more about this product from the maker…

If you got one of these bad boys for Christmas, you’ll kick yourself if you delay any longer in learning how to use it.

Editor’s Note: Instant Pot® is not paying us in any way for this review, we just love their product! We think it is an amazing NEW tool that will help you cook healthy food in a quick manner. *It is not instant, but it sure is a very, very handy tool to have. And with all the you tube videos available, the learning curve is pretty fast!

You can read the rest of our review in this issue of the Good News Magazine on page 10 by clicking HERE …

The full review also has some great ideas we have used to turn meals made in the Instant Pot into other meals. (That’s just one of the many reasons why you have to cook less and wash fewer dishes.) Check it out!

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