The Orphan Train

Wow! Reading this book really puts life in perspective…

It’s fiction, but it’s based on true stories and the author does an excellent job of transitioning between memories and life as we know it. A modern day foster teen does her community service hours working for a 91 year old lady who wants to clean out her attic before she dies. The two of them begin comparing their childhoods and find that they have both been orphans practically their whole lives.

Orphan-Train           It is a very enjoyable read despite the struggles each of the women endure, because life (fiction or nonfiction) has a way of taking lemons and making a cool refreshing drink to be shared. Christina Baker Kline offers up a really GOOD read and it doesn’t matter whether you are a history buff or not. You can LOOK INSIDE and/or order it on Amazon by CLICKING HERE.

A SPECIAL BLESSING: This book is available to be given away to the 1st person who requests it by emailing us at because we have read it and we want to bless someone.

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