The Unbelievable Audacity of Some People!

If you are a Pastor, a Judge or a Public Speaker of any sort… please listen up.

I attended a funeral today & it was awful. Awful yes that the person died so young, but more awful than that was the minister handling the service. He made it all about himself rather than the dearly departed. How disrespectful to use a memorial service to promote yourself and your church. I didn’t come to hear about the person speaking. I came to hear about the person we’ve lost. I came for closure, to  grieve and to pay my respects to my friend. I don’t know or care about the speaker. He is merely supposed to be a vehicle to lead us along the path. I don’t want to know about his childhood, his life or his opinions. And I sure don’t care about anything he has to say after he admits he has never even met my friend. The only grieving we were allowed to do happened during the music portions of the service and at the end when we hugged the family. This inconsiderate pastor spent the entire time talking about himself. He didn’t even talk very much about God, because he was so busy telling the stories of his life.

I see this happening more and more these days and it stinks. People are asked to emcee events or to speak at functions and they take the microphone and use it for their own gain rather than what the organization had in mind. I have even seen weddings being used as an opportunity for pastors to talk about themselves. It’s disgusting and in the poorest of taste.

People pay for or ask for a favor from someone and invite their friends to something and the person uses the opportunity as chance to talk to a new audience about themselves. I even attended a conference recently put on by a very well-known minister, only to have one of the sessions consist of being forced to sit and listen her husband speak. It was awful. Her husband has no gift for public speaking and I paid good money to hear her, not him.

Don’t people understand they shoot themselves in the foot doing this? (Click here to see the rest of the article on page 3 in the magazine.)

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