What a LOVELY Day!

Another Time Soda Fountain

Just a note here… this blog will NOT be just a collection of Facebook fake posts that don’t depict anyone’s REAL life.

But what a lovely day we had on this fine day. My daughter and I were missing each other and we had a Saturday with nothing scheduled, so we met up halfway between us in Rosenberg, Texas. And we just happened upon a “Chocolate Walk” and a great lunch at “Another Time Soda Fountain!

A Definite PERK Our life doesn’t have as many firm commitments as it used to, so being available to follow anything that comes our way definitely gives us more freedom than we have ever experienced in our whole lives.

We discovered the “Chocolate Walk” at the first antique store we walked into. They sent us to this great soda fountain, which we had already heard about to get our book to start collecting stamps. We had a great lunch at Another Time Soda Fountain, but passed on the ice cream (because of all the chocolate), but we certainly will next time!

If you’ve never been to this type of event… a “Chocolate Walk” it’s a pretty cool thing.

Every participating store welcomes you with a chocolate of some sort obviously, but sometimes there is also wine and assorted snacks. This year the theme according to the Fort Bend Art Center is “Attack Poverty because… no child should ever be without a crayon.” What a great event to support while you shop and eat!

Just another great day we were blessed with,

The Working Tourists

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