When I Am Lost

When I am lost and don’t know what to do, I turn to God.

I want to share my faith here.

I have always wanted to share it here somewhere…

I don’t want to share it because I have such great faith, because I don’t. That is precisely why I want to share my pitiful little bit, because I suspect there are far more people with the same problem than it appears that there is. Poor Jesus.  He was beaten down and suffering for us while we are all trying to look like we’ve got it all together.

I want to share it now because I don’t care what people think anymore. I have made God the most important thing in my life, so I no longer concern myself with what everyone else is doing. I heard the most touching song on KJIC.org the other day called “This Ain’t Nothing” by Craig Morgan. It says it all and sums up life perfectly. You can hear it below, if you’d like to.

After you’ve lived through great losses – you have some perspective about what matters in life and what doesn’t.

The truth is… most of life ain’t nothing to get too upset about. Perspective changes life. When you’re 15 you don’t have many previous experiences to know what to expect, because you’re 15. When you get older, you know things. So I’m gonna share my mustard seed size faith here in hopes of encouraging others on the trail home with me to hang in there. And if I can convince any others to get on that trail with us, that would be great too!

Here’s what I do when I’m lost… most days.

I have choices to make today. So many choices, and that’s probably part of the problem.

  • I can finish the magazine.
  • I really want to start something new.
  • A new book, a new column – like this one.
  • I could read a new book.
  • I could take the day off and go play.
  • Or I could go buy groceries I guess.

But what I really want to do is take the next best step for me (that’s always what I want to do), but I don’t ever know what that is. It seems like I never do. I need some guidance. I need to talk to the one who knows what is coming up around the bend for me. So, when I am lost, I try to remember to just relax and wait for Him to lead me in the right direction.

That’s what I try to do when I’m lost, perhaps it will help you.

God’s best to you and yours,

Lynn Dale 

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