Where There Is A Will There Is A Way

A man dies and is standing outside the Pearly Gates waiting to see St. Peter. His name is Bill. As you would expect there is a special line just for Texans.

Bill says to a man named Frank who is in line ahead of him, ” I sure hope my wife will be all right.”

Frank turns around and asks, “What do you mean?” Bill proceeds to tell him that he is worried about his wife being all right without him. He explains that the house is paid for and that they had saved up around $50,000.00 together, but he is still concerned for her.

Frank asks Bill if he prepared a WILL before his departure? Bill informs him he had not. Frank asks if he had any other kids outside his marriage? Bill tells him he has one daughter who hates him and who is in jail for burglary.

“Well then the State of Texas will see to what your wife will get.” Frank says nonchalantly as he turns around to face the front of the line.

Bill is now consumed with curiosity and taps Frank on the shoulder to ask him to explain what he meant by his statement. Frank informs Bill that since he had a child outside of the marriage, the child would get half of the house and half of the money Bill and his wife had saved up.

Bill is horrified! He and his wife had worked very hard the last 10 years paying off the house and putting some money back in case something happened.

Seeing the look on Bill’s face Frank goes on to say, “Well Bill, where there is a WILL there is a way and without a WILL, your property gets distributed based on what the politicians say.”

Bill continues to stand in line, trembling now and sick with worry. He wonders how his wife would manage if she lost half the house and half the money they had saved? How could he leave his wife in that position? How could he have been so foolish?

Bill watched Frank pass through the gates and just before he was out of sight, he turned around and hollered back, “Bill, it’s never too late.” Then he was gone.

Bill found himself standing before St. Peter. St. Peter asked him if he had arranged all of his affairs so that his family was provided for? Bill answered that he thought he had, but now he didn’t think so. St. Peter frowned and asked Bill to step aside to let those who had acted responsibly for their families to pass by. He informed Bill that he would be taken to another Gate.

Bill awoke suddenly, soaked in sweat and trembling. He turned over to see his lovely wife laying beside him sound asleep. The Good News is, Bill was given another chance to take the proper steps to protect his family. Hopefully, you will too.

Written by: Timothy M. Clark, Attorney at Law

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