You Have to Love Them, Because God Said So


You have heard it said you are as close to God as you want to be – you are as close to your family as you want to be too.

You cannot make people love God nor can you make them love their family. When society decided to change in the 1960’s from a strict Victorian type lifestyle into a free living/loving anything goes type lifestyle – family was no longer a requirement. Remaining in any long term relationship requires a lot of effort, determination and discipline – maintaining a close family is no different.

In a society hell bent on choosing to focus on themselves rather than the greater good, we cannot help but lose our families while we are trying to pursue our GOOD LIFE. America was built by families who wanted a better life for their children. They didn’t come to America to survive, they came to thrive and live the dream. You cannot make people realize they need God any more than you can make them realize how important having family is. Like the song says – you don’t know what you have sometimes until it’s gone.

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